Financial Institutes in Stockholm

Every country has innumerous institutions catering to the nation’s financial needs. Sweden is no different. There are various financial institutions in Sweden which is taking care of the country’s economy and the monitory needs of the people. One such reputed institution of wealth is the Handelsbanken bank in Stockholm.

A Brief Overview:

The Handelsbanken bank in Stockholm is one of the most reputed financial institutions of Stockholm. It’s acclaimed for its commitment to the service of the nation. The bankhas been awarded a number of prestigious awards like Net Commercial Bank in 2013 and Sweden’s Small Business Banking in 2013. The banks in Stockholmprovide invaluable services to private sectors, major commercial enterprises, forestry and agricultural enterprises and many small business enterprises in the country.

Products and Services:

The Handelsbanken bank in Stockholm has an extensive array of products and services to offer to its clients. The most popular and coveted products and services they haveare Corporate Accounts and Bookkeeping, Business Card, Incoming and Outgoing Payments, File Services, Financing, Managing Risks, Pensions and Insurance and International Business. Moreover, the Handelsbanken bank in Stockholm also provides help to young and aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own business.

What makes them stand apart from the crowd?

The Handelsbanken bank in Stockholm has been awarded the Business Bank of the Year title for three consecutive years. You may wonder, what makes them so special? What do they do differently to ensure such a flawless reputation? The answers to these questions are very simple. It’s their unshakable commitment to the service that makes them stand apart. It’s their genuine concern for their customers which makes them go out-of-the-box and implement new techniques to ensure their clientele is completely satisfied. They believe that treating their customers the right way is not only necessary to build a strong relationship; it’s also an important factor that leads to a loyal relationship. Their endeavor in each sector, be it private, small business or commercial, is to be the best service provider when it comes to an individual’s or corporation’s banking needs.

There is an acclaimed survey which is conducted every year. More than a thousand people participate in this survey. This survey is all about ranking the top financial enterprises in terms of their growth, services and customer satisfaction. The participants of the survey are dignified personalities who belong to the highest ranks of management in various enterprises. Their opinions and insights are highly valued in the corporate world.

It’s they, the dignitaries and experts of the corporate world, who have rated the Handelsbanken bank in Stockholm the highest, not just for one or two years, but for an incredible record of eleven years. When the judgment comes from authorities as high as the participants of the survey, we cannot help but admire the institution’s worthiness. The reason why they have bagged these invaluable points is primarily due to the customer satisfaction which they prize so much. More than being a prize, this is a factor of pride for the bank. The bank has a significant edge over all the other banks, which are its counterparts and its competitors, in terms of customer satisfaction.

Who runs the game?

It’s also to be noted that such a big enterprise with its numerous accolades cannot be possible unless there are brilliant minds working behind it. The bank has its own policies and guidelines; it functions with its own marketing strategies which has constantly led them towards the path of success. So,it’s quite evident that a good amount of brainstorming goes behind all that hard work. So who are the masterminds behind the success of this massive enterprise?

Well, they are the shareholders. They are the people who hold the shares of the bank and have invested a lot of capital to attain them. The bank’s growth is in their best interest as their own development and monetary growth is also based on it. They attend regular meetings where they exercise their right to decision making. These meetings are a grand affair and vital for the company’s existence and growth. The men in power discuss, debate and decide about various factors that influence, or can influence, the growth and reputation of the bank. A Board or a Panel of highly ranked officials then take the final decisions which are implemented for the benefit of the organization.


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