Important Rules To Follow When Designing An Outdoor Lounge

Outdoor lounges are very nice to have especially if you have a big backyard. However, making it cozy and inviting can be a challenge especially if you do not know anything about interior and exterior designing. If this is you, do not worry because this simple guide can help you make your outdoor lounge look like it was out of a magazine.

How To Organize An Outdoor Lounge Area

Doing this on your own can be daunting. Sometimes you think that you have it perfectly, but when you look again, it would seem like something is missing! So do not try to arrange your patio without taking a look at these tips.

  • The Purpose. In order to decide on the furniture arrangement and the decor you have to add, you need to determine the purpose of this patio. Just like when you choose a watch box for your watch collection, you have to make sure that your patio or outdoor lounge has a purpose. You have two options – symmetrical patio and asymmetrical patio arrangements.
  • Symmetrical Arrangement. This creates a formal living space on your outdoor space.
  • Asymmetrical Arrangement. This will create a bit quirky, relaxed, and a casual feel.
  • The Focal Point. Before you decide on your outdoor lounges adelaide, make sure that you already have a focal point. This is what will anchor the outdoor space. It will serve as the gathering point and the ‘heart’ of your furniture arrangement. Once you have this, it will be easy to add the remaining decor.
  • The Flow Of Traffic. When planning for the layout of your patio, always remember to direct the flow of traffic and ease congestion. You have to visualize how the guests will enter through your outdoor space. Experts suggest allowing a 30” – 48” space for high traffic spaces while 24” for areas with less foot traffic. You can arrange your furniture in a way that will direct the guests around your primary seating area.
  • furniture stores melbournePlanning On Furniture Placement. Now that you have considered the factors mentioned above, it is time to decide on how to place your furniture. It is a rule to always place the longest furniture piece along your longest wall. This should be facing the focal point because it can add attention to the area. It can be a 3-seat sofa or a love seat. Once you have that in place, start adding chairs to encourage your visitors to sit down and enjoy a good chat with your other guests.
  • Outdoor Kitchen. Aside from your kitchen indoors, you should have a cooking station outside too. But remember that it should be away from your dining area. You can enjoy your time grilling while you chat with your guests. You should keep your outdoor kitchen close to the door so it would be easy for you to prepare food for your visitors.

After you read these tips, draw out your layout on a piece of paper. Once you have the visualization of what your outdoor lounge should look like, it would be a lot easier for you. This doesn’t mean that you have to come up with a blueprint! All you need is a visual guide on how your patio should look. Take these tips with you when rearranging and you will be on the right path.

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