Mobile application development. Elements to Consider

If the app is very complex, the time, obviously, can be extended. And our availability is not immediate, although we do not usually take more than 1 month to enter a new project.

But the immediacy with which things are demanded is usually the first point of conflict with new projects. We understand that you want to have your project as soon as possible, but above all, you must focus on your product.

A development of a mobile application takes on average about 3 months

By experience ios app development, in the end it is usually the entrepreneur / company who delays the development of the app because when you start working on the project, it is when more ideas and changes come to mind. And that is a very dangerous moment. Begin to introduce changes to the crazy by hunches does not usually bring anything good. In the first place because the development was thought about a specification, that if it changes can bring difficulties. In addition, the changes could also affect the budget.. And that supposes that the development lengthens. With which, in most apps we usually see how the promoter ends up introducing changes that lengthen the development when at the beginning it seemed that he was in a hurry.

ios app development

So the corollary affordable app developers  should be that you are able to gut your project, comment on it, add and remove functionalities and turn everything you think you should give it, but in the process of conceptualizing the app, before entering development . We as developers like to work on a closed specification, because this way we save surprises and we build, always knowing what the final objective is. To put a simile that we use many times, when an architect draws plans and builds the building, those plans remain intact. Starting to “put and take” things from the plane, can only lead to disaster. The construction of software follows the same course. And if a structure was planned for a number of floors, doubling that number usually brings misfortune.

Testing :

  • It is a fundamental part, and that usually stays in limbo. Here they go from the product tests and functionalities, to the detection of failures in the app. Who is going to take care of this? Do not leave it to the end
  • If you want your app to be good, you should test it with real users, see and prove that they understand the purpose and navigation scheme of the app and that usability is optimal.

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