Things You Should Know About Pill Testing Kits

When you come across harm reduction service, it usually involves pill testing or drug checking. Basically, pill testing is useful because it analyses the contents of the pills. In the end, this can help you minimise the risk of ingesting dangerous substances in illicit drugs.

Here are the things you should know about pill testing:

Are there pill-testing facilities?

There are many pill testing facilities around the world. To date, there are already 20 countries within the Americas and Europe as well as New Zealand with pill testing facilities. In Australia, there is a series of trial for pill testing service as part of a more comprehensive harm reduction approach.

Why should you get your pills tested?

You should accept that the composition of illicit drugs is highly unpredictable for there are makers that include other dangerous drugs entirely. For your safety, you should get your pills tested before ingesting.

How are the pills tested?

When it comes to testing, there are different types you can consider. In fact, there are many users who consider DIY reagent testing from different manufacturers. You can choose from the following reagent testing:

  • Marquis reagent test: marquis reagent test kit is the go-to for people who want to detect MDMA/MDA, amphetamine, methamphetamine, heroin, morphine, methylone, oxycodone, DXM, Sugar, Aspirin, 2C-I, and 2C-B.
  • Mecke reagent test: this can be used as a follow-up test to Marquis reagent. You need to put a drop of a liquid reagent to the sample then observe the reaction or change of color – this usually happens from half a second to three seconds. This test is also used for the identification of opiates like heroin.
  • Simon’s reagent test: this test can detect MDMA and MDA. If it will change to purple, MDMA is present. If there is no reaction at all, MDA is present.

Keep in mind that reagent kits are only useful for detecting the presence of a specific substance – it does not include the overall composition of the pill. If you want a more comprehensive composition, it is important that you send samples to laboratories equipped to handle comprehensive analysis.

marquis reagent test kit

Does the test make drugs safe?

You have to understand that illicit drugs (like MDMA, MDA, DXM, etc.) are inherently unsafe. This means that testing will not warranty the safety of the illicit substance. At the end of the day, you will still suffer an adverse reaction.

What is the stand of pill testing?

Pill testing does not promote drug use. It is a service that encourages people who use illicit drugs to modify their behavior thereby reducing the risks of harm to health.

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