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What to look for when Buying a New Condo in Bukit Timah

There are certain attributes that every elite real estate should possess. The proverb is already familiar: location, location, location. However, in addition to location, there are several other things that require high-end shoppers to be careful when spending their money, time, and energy. However, these things have some qualities in which new bukittimah real estate agents will encourage buyers to focus.

  • bukit timah new condoViews and light without obstacles. The interior of the apartment, which opens outwards, allows a lot of light to penetrate into the rooms and improves not only your mood, but also the resale value. Opening, as you discover, is more important than the outer space. Does your apartment have a view of the horizon, bridge, river or park? Are any species protected? By gaining an understanding of zoning assignments, as well as environmental rights for building a neighbor, you will gain a good understanding of its risks.
  • Ceiling height. The higher the ceiling height, the better, up to about 14 feet (remember that you will get marginal revenue that is decreasing). Instead, when looking at bukit timah new condo look at cubic images as well as square images.
  • The uniqueness of architecture. If diamonds are forever, good architecture retains value forever. Do your own research on renowned architects and find one that has a reputation for beautiful and practical designs.
  • Design that is practical. When you make a short list of some of the new apartments that real estate companies are offering in the suburbs of bukittimah, make sure that the design leaves you plenty of room to live.

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